YSA Service – Design Process


  • Initial meeting with client to discuss the clients requirements and budget. No charge for this meeting if the job does not progress any further.
  • A brief and fee proposal are prepared and sent to client. Usually this is a fixed fee for each stage of the project. If the fee proposal is acceptable to the client a contract is prepared for signing. We use the ADNZ agreement form and usually request a deposit at this stage.
  • If necessary, a site visit is undertaken and as-built information is documented. We will require a topo survey of the site from a surveyor. The surveyor will  charge client fees.
  • Preliminary Design Stage. Scheme drawings are prepared and presented to the client.
  • At this stage we recommend that a quantity surveyor is engaged to prepare a preliminary budget estimate. If necessary, the scheme drawings can be revised to ensure the project meets budgetary constraints. The quantity surveyor may charge client fees.
  • If resource consent is required we usually apply for it at this stage. A planning consultant is engaged to prepare an assessment of environmental effects. We add further information to the scheme drawings and submit to council along with necessary documentation. We respond to any council queries and ensure the consent progresses smoothly through council. Council will charge client RC application fee.
  • Develop Design and Building Consent Preparation. Working drawings and specification are now prepared. We need to get a structural engineer to do the structural design and calculation. The engineer will charge client design fee.
  • Building Consent Stage. We now submit the drawings, along with all necessary documentation, to council for building consent. We respond to any council queries and ensure the consent progresses smoothly through council .
  • Normally our involvement ends when BC get approved.
  • We can prepare tender documents and provide construction drawings & observation with extra charges.